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I'm New

We understand that everyone has struggles that they’re working through. It’s just part of the human experience. Our church is full of people who have hurts, habits, and hang-ups - some we’ve helped each other overcome, and some we’re still dealing with. So on your first visit expect to find a community of people who are honest and genuinely care without a lot of pretense. And if you have a part of your story that seems a bit messy, you’re not the only one.

gospel centered  •  city focused  • church communities

You can find more information on who we are as a church below, but here is the best description of Pleasant Hill. We are a gospel centered, city focused group of people who meet in communities all around our city. We may not have it all figured out, but we know that in Christ we can find love, live our lives on purpose, and build a true community together. We know this because we’ve experienced it, and we invite you to experience it as well. 

What to Expect When You Visit

• Expect to be welcomed. 

We love first-time guests so expect to be greeted warmly by wonderful people. And because we want you to be comfortable, we will not single you out during the service or expect you to contribute financially. 

• A casual atmosphere. 

We do not care how you dress or where you sit. We provide free coffee and snacks, and will be happy to show you around. We’ve tried to make everything easy for you to get acquainted, but if you find that you need something please let us know. 


• Energy in worship. 

Our worship team uses a contemporary style with a number of instruments. You may not know the words to every song at first, but the music is engaging and easy to follow. We tend to sing songs that reflect our excitement about how following Jesus is impacting our lives, and/or our desire to follow Him more closely. 


• Practical teaching. 

We believe that what Christ taught is relevant to the issues that contribute to the messy parts of our story. We also believe that knowing the truth without applying it isn’t good enough. So our teaching focuses on how to apply what Jesus taught to our relationships and attitudes so we can experience health, purpose, and freedom in our lives. 

• A safe, fun environment for kids. 

We care about the experience your kids will have at Pleasant Hill. We have kids ourselves. In addition to a loving nursery and preschool care ministry, we offer a children’s program for kindergarten through second grade. All of our ministry volunteers have passed a background check and have a heart for children and families.

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